Upcoming Special Election for OSTNL Secretary

We are seeking nominations for a secretary and will hold a special election at our February meeting.  Please send all nominations to OSTNL President, Carrie Lang, at CLang@mhsystem.org by January 15th. 

The responsibility of the secretary is to take the meeting minutes and ensure role/sign in for the meeting was completed.  If unable to attend that meeting, the secretary is responsible to find someone to take the minutes in their absence.  We have template provided for the minutes, along with an up-to-date sign-in sheet.

Conference Call Option for February 2018 Meeting!

We are trialing a conference call option for our February meeting.  If you're able to be there in person, please still come!  We are trialing this since February is historically a bad weather month and some of our members must brave that weather to travel to Columbus.  The conference line number will be shared closer to the meeting.  Watch the Meeting Calendar for updates!